Field Courses

I’ve had the opportunity to co-develop and co-teach two field courses which provided upper year undergraduate student’s with hands-on experience, the chance to develop field skills, and exposure to current research in the fields of ecology and conservation biology.

Wetland biodiversity: coastal marshes to vernal pools (2017)

  • This course focused on applying ecological principles and field methods to study the effects of human disturbances on wetland biodiversity in coastal marshes and vernal pools. Students learned to identify and conduct field surveys for frogs/toads, salamanders, and reptiles. We also introduced the students to remote sensing and they learned common techniques for geographic information systems in field ecology.

Indicators of ecosystem health: streams and wetlands (2013)

  • This course focused on teaching basic ecological principles and field methods. Students learned to identify native birds and amphibians, collect and process for common water chemistry parameters, and used a suite of biological indicators to assess the health of streams and wetlands.
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