Wildlife Ecohydrology and Conservation Lab

The goal of our interdisciplinary research program is to advance our knowledge and understanding of the spatiotemporal effects of climate change disturbances (e.g., wildfire, drought, weather whiplash) on the resilience and vulnerability of threatened wildlife and their habitats. This collaborative research supports evidence-based policies for the conservation and management of healthy reptile populations and habitat.

three main research themes:
  • Ecohydrological feedbacks controlling habitat suitability
  • Effects of wildfire, drought, and weather whiplash on wildlife habitat
  • Characterizing form and function of wetland habitat
  • Spatiotemporal habitat use and movement data to support monitoring of population dynamics
  • Develop tools to detect and predict spatiotemporal changes in wildlife refugia
  • Quantify and assess habitat resilience to multiple climate-mediated stressors
  • Reptile response to landscape changes (e.g., drought, flooding, wildfire)
  • Effective restoration approaches for reptile overwintering habitat
  • Effective restoration approaches for turtle nesting habitat
  • Restoring habitat connectivity

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